Saturday, January 30

I wish I had a loft............

I wanna live in a loft............

I have to have a loft............

I'm going to live in a loft............

remember this...

Wednesday, January 27

Green Craft Magazine.....

Discovered this magazine online today!! N' I nearly peeeed my panties! This is so exciting and what I'm all about!! All the Crafts I have been making lately have been creative uses for old items and I'm having so much fun with it! I am for sure going to chapters this week to pick up myself a copy!!

As I type right now I'm making a stuffy elephant out of my beloved Michael Kors sweater that my stupid washing machine even though on delicate mode decided to eat holes through. I figured it had sat around in a basket for long enough and it is %100 unfixable there for I must make another use of it, it can never be worn again and I have finally come to terms with this.

I keep all Christmas cards and make my own out of them the next year, I pick pine cones off the street and cover them in glitter to make ornaments and take apart ugly bulky charm bracelets and make tree ornaments with them. Yesterday I finished a stuffed toy shark for someone I had promised it to (he is still not %100 sure on what to name the shark) using an old sweat shirt Julia didn't want. I have been using scraps of her old clothes to put patches on handmade teddy bears and anything I can get my hands on really!
Clearly I have developed quite the hobby so you can only imagin my excitement when I came across this magazine and I had to share it with the world!

Okee, back to my elephant!

"GreenCraft Magazine will provide ideas for repurposing trash to treasure by showcasing projects where waste is repurposed into ecologically chic creations. Last, but not least, to maintain the theme of recycling, the entire publication will be printed on recycled paper." ................ Love it!

sweeeet potato

Will someone please please get me one of these potato peeling thingys so I can make this!? It looks utterly delicious and I must make me some!! Minus the bacon of course!


Cuppycake love

Click to see the cute blog where I found this cute cuppycake! Skunkboy Creatures

Dear, ye hire self....

Thank you. I'm Happy. :)

Thursday, January 14

Something to think about

I suck...

I know, I know.... I am a terrible person for not writing in a billion years- I might as well have fallen off the face of the planet and really I don't have much of a reason other then I've been stressed- apparently I have two jobs, esthetics and I'm a molly maid 7 days a week, seriously I love cleaning but christ I have had enough of cleaning up after people- it ends now! No more being a pushover there arn't enough hours in a day for me to spend 2 of them cleaning so I am done "bonsoir! fini!" as a girl from MTL I work with would say.

On a lighter note, I'm happy, things are looking up for me and I have a really good feeling about the next year. Big things are going to happen for me and I will make sure of that. I've hit a point where I could careless about going out I'm more into being happy, healthy and makin that moooola. Going out and partying all the time had done nothing for me in the past but leave me with a hangover, an empty wallet and a feeling of un-accomplishment. Once in a while yes, but I'll be sure to not over do it. How am I suppose to do all the great things I want to do in life when I feel like shit? uh uh no way! It's hammer time and I'm gettin er' done!

As for the 10 things it's Sunday.... I failed miserably... out of the 10 I did 1.5 things... yep that is it.... I made an extravagant dinner and I cleaned my microwave. The dinner was great though... David bought the groceries and I did the cooking. We had fresh baked salmon with lemon and pepper, stuffed mushrooms with garlic goats cheese and asparagus. YUM! It was so good, the salmon was so big I had to make Dave finish mine.

So since I have been lacking on the postings I clearly have not yet done another 10 Thing's it's Sunday post and seeing how it will be Friday in 15 mins I think I'm going to do a Five things it's Friday! I'll try hard not to slack this time.

1. Make up a really good budget

2. Have my girlie night- pedi, waxing and all

3. Secret..... heh

4. Get Dave's Birthday gift

5. Pay my cell phone bill! yeeeeah it's been a while...

Friday, January 8

Sunday, January 3

It's Sunday! 10 thingsThis Week List-

Today was a winter wonderland.....

and cold as anything! But it was okay because it was my favorite kind of snow! The kind that's light and flaky... dry almost. The kind that doesn't melt on your feet when it hits your shoe.

Did some shopping today with the boy, well not really, more like did an exchange, but I got two really cute knits back from returning a skirt I got for new years that didn't quite work. Dave had lots of luck getting himself two sweaters a pair of jeans and a hat. After shopping we had went to Fran's Diner and ate until we has a case of the itius, I swear I could have fallen asleep on the subway no problem!

After getting home I got into it with the cooking! I've decided I need to make more meals to bring to work so I stop spending my tips on eating out, plus, the smell of subway has started to make me feel ill. I made homemade chicken noodle soup and a tuna curry apple pasta salad with green onion and green pepper- SO yummy, it's all jar-ed up and in the fridge :)
So As for the "10 Things This Week List"... I've decided with the new year and all that every Sunday I will write a kind of "to do" list for my week. It'll help me keep myself in check and force me to get important things done.

So for this week.....

1. Go to the Yoga Studio up the street and find out prices, class times etc.

2. Make a new craft

3. Cook an extravagant dinner

4. Borrow Dave's camera so I can post some more pics

5. Clean my microwave and fridge... I have majorly been procrastinating with these ones...

6. Have a all to myself girlie night including a tub with the jets on, pedicure, body scrub and all.

7. Bake something

8. Do a dollar store run and get some fun junk

9. Get myself something small but exciting/ cute

10. Go sledding... lets hope the snow stays!

Saturday, January 2

10 Things to be excited 2010

1. Take a yoga class
2. Travel

3. My lover face

4. Understand more photography
5. My new job

6. Ebony moving to T.O

7. My Headbands

8. Craft space
9. Redecorate

10. Win the lottery.... what? A girl can dream...