Wednesday, October 6

Music moment...

I love music, just like most people it helps me get through life... good and bad... I love sooooo many different kinds of music, if you don't believe me check my playlist.... anyway I am also the type to become completely crazy over one song or artist and kill it to the point where I just can't listen anymore.... I looove a powerful singing voice and right now I can't get enough Adele and Cat Power... just so much talent, I F'in love it...

Cat Power


Tuesday, October 5

Working hard

This is why I have not posted in some time... it seems to come in waves... and I feel a tsunami coming!!

First off, I discovered that albino dolphins exist! But they arn't white! they're pink! Holy cute! I want one as a pet!

And so do sea turtles, which along with Narwhals are one of my new favorite animals!

I would also like to share the most tiny monkey's I have ever seen with you...

Now I'll leave you with some cuteness.....

Thursday, September 9

cupa cuppycakes!

Cuppy made cupcakes today! Vanilla sugar plum cuppycakes that is! secret? After making the vanilla icing beat in 1/4 of a pouch of grape jello, ice and let sit in the fridge for 1hr!

I brought over a batch to Myra, Matt and even made baby cuppys for baby Haidyn. I got a little creative with the tooth picks that stopped the icing from sticking to the saran wrap.

Tuesday, September 7

10 things I love fall!!!

1. Pumpkin spice latte  2. Pumpkin pie  3. Fall cooking  4. Pumpkins  5. Boots  6. Thanksgiving  7. Halloween  8. Candy apples  9. Fall leaves  10.Fall Fashion

Monday, September 6

Still kickin it on the beach...

I must have broken some kind of record in 2 weeks of being back in Halifax I've been to the beach 11 times! Here are some pics from the last visit!

Alsooooo I am soooo excited for my most fave drink of all times (and no I don't mean vodka!)
 Ever forget about something and then forget if it even exists? Well I re-discovered Narwhals! And I think they're sooo cute!
 The last thing I would like to share are these cute photos (on the beach) I think Scarlett is one of the sexiest!

Thursday, August 26

I`ll meet you here......

I went down to the south shore to my favorite place to make more of my favorite memories. Every year since I was 12 I have been going down to my best friends cottage with a group of girls/guys to meet our beloved friends from New Hampshire and a few from Toronto for a few days/week/weeks it truly is something special and am I am so greatful to be apart of it. Every year is different sometimes we all make it and sometimes it's only a few of us but each year has special memories and amazing times to be remembered. The strong bond we all have isn't something that everyone will get to experience in their life time so it is a bond that I charish and hold very close to my heart.
This year was one of a kind, I was the only girl! I drove up with Mikey D (Dolphin) and Wolf. Dolphin is my best friends long term, ex boyfriend who is still dear to us and Wolf is my best friends brothers best friend. There we met Sias, Joe and Sias`s parents. We did a long walk on the rocks (which I paid for after!! counted just under 200 bug bites!! They love me!!), hit the beach, had camp fires, cooked amazing food, caught lobster (shhh) and drank a hella lot while playing the classic beer pong. The thing to remember this year is that we found a whale skull on the beach and the boys carried it all the way back to the house to use as yet another decorative memory. I am hoping to make a facebook invite in the fall for some days up there next summer. I`m hoping if planned early enough everyone who has been apart of it at one point can plan ahead and make it happen next year.
Here are some wonderful pics from this year and some years ago- I cant put pics from too long ago because I don`t have a scanner and we all no none owned a digi cam back then. :)