Tuesday, September 29

Photo shoot!

Did lil photo shoot last night with my pal Camron! He still has to edit the pics but I'll post them as soon as I get my hands on them! In the mean time check out his flicker page!

-Cam's Flicker Page-

Sunday, September 27

oh hieee

So on the most random whim I opened up this blog page. After drinking 11, yes 11 beer last night at a party I felt pretty useless and unproductive today as I lay in my living room eating take out sushi as an attempt to nurse my hangover. I hate feeling unproductive and lately that's all I've been. So it's time to kick it up 100 notches and get my life and my goals a movin!

I will be brutally honest and express myself as much as possible while sharing everything I find funny, interesting, exciting and just a plain ol' must tell.

I was recently dumped by someone that I thought I was in love with but now that I have spent time away from this guy I've realized that wasn't the case at all. I think it was more the idea of him, restaurant owner, photographer blah blah and a very good boyfriend. I think it was because I was use to jerks and overwhelmed by the fact that nice guys really do exist. So when he decided to call it quits deep down I think I was worried I had lost the only nice guy out there. Now that I'm back into the dating scene I've been out with some really nice guys and I've realized that's not the case at all. There are nice guys out there and one of these days one will love me.

In October 2008 I went in for my yearly pappy pappy test, it went just like the rest, awkward and uncomfortable and like always I expected everything to go smoothly, which it did until a few weeks later when I got a phone call asking for me to come in and have a meeting with the doctor. Oooh god, what could it be? but of course they couldn't tell me over the phone so I went in for my meeting. Turns out I had abnormal cells which is totally common, everything's fine, blah blah. Come back in 6 months, it'll either get worse or better. Well I was moving back to Toronto in May so I had to go back at 5 months in April. The second day I was in Toronto I got a phone call from my doctor.... "it's not good, you have to go for further testing." ummm scary! And of course I couldn't get this further testing for like 100 years (well July) so I had months of "what the hell is wrong with me!" In July I had a biopsy, sure enough it was the beginnings of cancer. They stuck me in for an appointment to get it lasered off . September 8th that's what they did. It was so worth the killer period like cramping I had all that day. It's crazy how fast it all came and went and how I had never thought it would happen to me. So I guess my point is get ya friggin pappy pap-skis done it's so worth it, it's only once a year. I'm sure you never miss that monthly brazilly wax do ya?

Just a little about whats been going on in my life, but for now bed is calling my name and I'm sleepy... nighty night!