Friday, October 16

Home again, home again

Went home for a few days for Thanksgiving, it was short but sweet and to my surprise I couldn't wait to get back to Toronto. It's not that I don't love Halifax and my family and friends to death but being there reminds me of my past and I'm just so excited about my future that it almost made me anxious to be there.

I know I haven't posted anything since 1982, but last week I was sick as a dog that I couldn't even make it into work for a few days. On Thursday night I slept for 17 hours causing me to only get a 4 hour sleep on Friday night and on Saturday I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 2am (roomate woke me up when she was doing some drunken cooking) to catch my flight at 7am and then had a 4 hour nap on Sunday. I totally skipped out on sleep Tuesday night, decided to stay awake until I arrived home in Toronto at 9:30am and slept until 5pm. So I'm a little screwed up in the sleeping department.

Soooo excited for Halloween! We're having a house party and I'm being cat woman, black leather gloves. whip and all. Hot mama! And my mighty 3 pound chihuahua Kingston is going to be my Batman :)

Tuesday, October 6

Hand's down...

So I was bored tonight, seeing as I've watched all of our DVD's and are yet to have cable... And I got into reading up on my zodiac sign... I came across this one posting that is so much like me I almost barfed when I read it...... Here it is.....

"You look for security and safety in partnership. You are the most caring and nurturing of lovers. Your lover is likely to be flattered by your excellent memory for all they say and do—in some cases, he or she could be intimidated as well! Sincerity from your partner is important to you, and you are attracted to people who you consider to be natural and genuine. You are the most intuitive of lovers, finding it easy to "read" your partner's character and feelings. As mentioned above, this can be flattering to many, and cause for concern for others! Which, of course, is fine by you, because the ideal partner for you is comfortable in his or her own skin. Anyone threatened by your "feelers" may not be sincere enough for you!

Appreciation, security, and tenderness are most important to you in matters of the heart. You work hard at accommodating the people you love, taking care of them in every way you can. Because you are not very comfortable with confrontations, you are prone to side-stepping problems. You are easily hurt, but you can work hard at concealing that fact. It is difficult for you to forget any kinds of actions that you consider betrayals on the part of your lover, but you are not one to run away from your commitments. You would benefit from expressing your hurts instead of letting them stew inside of you. In many cases, your partner may not even know that they've hurt you!

Your charm is of the understated kind, and you may not always know just how attractive you are to others! The truth is, no matter how you come across, you fairly ooze sweetness to members of the opposite sex. Of course, not everyone will find that quality attractive, but to those that do, you can be irresistible. It can be difficult for people to stay angry with you. This may be because you have mastered the "art" of playing innocent! You are especially attracted to neediness, and you might work hard at keeping the people you love in a state of needing you. Their dependency on you feeds you, making you feel loved, but you can have a love-hate relationship with that dependency over time. In some cases, Venus in Cancer people might wonder if they've created a monster! You do get off on taking care of your lover, often at the expense of your own needs. It would be helpful if you could detach yourself from some of the problems of your loved ones, even just a little, and recognize that you are not responsible for others' happiness. This concept is difficult for you to learn. You understand it, but living by it is a completely different thing. You observe your partner very closely, and the love you offer holds the rare quality of cherishing."

Is it really so bad that I like to take care of people? No but I really do need to man up sometimes and not be such a pushover! Which I have been doing wonderfully at lately I might add :)

Sunday, October 4

Cage Fighters

Made the decision to switch locations from Queen Street West to our new Leslieville location. I'll be senior staff at Leslieville so I figured why not! It will take me a little bit longer to get to work everyday but hey everything will be bran new and shinny and we'll be offering a blow dry bar! So exciting!

Went on a few more dates this week with a certain someone... had a blast both times, ate some good Italian food, watched some good movies and enjoyed Toronto's art festival Nuit Blanche. It's held all over the city, you walk from destination to destination to view all kinds of different types of art. So fully stocked with our water bottles of boozey we set off on the town.

The one main stop we wanted to see ended up being a bit of a disappointment. There were cage fighters at 610 Bay street (which took us forever to find) but when we got there it was a bunch of half naked sweaty men in blind folds pretending to fight... no real action... slightly disappointing I must say but all and all it was a really good night. It got even better when we ditched our charcoal tasting Chinese noodles for some yummy street meat (I had veggie of course) and ran into some old girlfriends from back home and their friend. The 5 of us set out to see a few more stops until I realized it was 4am and time to go home.

I leave for Halifax a week from today and I cannot wait to see all my family and friends. My mission this week is to not spend any money so I have some for when I get there. Cam still hasn't finished editing the photos from last Monday night, but I'm hoping they'll be ready in the next couple of days!

Okee time to clean my mess of a house and take a night bike ride to the park ( yeah I'm a dork)