Thursday, August 26

I`ll meet you here......

I went down to the south shore to my favorite place to make more of my favorite memories. Every year since I was 12 I have been going down to my best friends cottage with a group of girls/guys to meet our beloved friends from New Hampshire and a few from Toronto for a few days/week/weeks it truly is something special and am I am so greatful to be apart of it. Every year is different sometimes we all make it and sometimes it's only a few of us but each year has special memories and amazing times to be remembered. The strong bond we all have isn't something that everyone will get to experience in their life time so it is a bond that I charish and hold very close to my heart.
This year was one of a kind, I was the only girl! I drove up with Mikey D (Dolphin) and Wolf. Dolphin is my best friends long term, ex boyfriend who is still dear to us and Wolf is my best friends brothers best friend. There we met Sias, Joe and Sias`s parents. We did a long walk on the rocks (which I paid for after!! counted just under 200 bug bites!! They love me!!), hit the beach, had camp fires, cooked amazing food, caught lobster (shhh) and drank a hella lot while playing the classic beer pong. The thing to remember this year is that we found a whale skull on the beach and the boys carried it all the way back to the house to use as yet another decorative memory. I am hoping to make a facebook invite in the fall for some days up there next summer. I`m hoping if planned early enough everyone who has been apart of it at one point can plan ahead and make it happen next year.
Here are some wonderful pics from this year and some years ago- I cant put pics from too long ago because I don`t have a scanner and we all no none owned a digi cam back then. :)

Tuesday, August 17

Goodbye Toronto, Hello Halifax... I missed you!

So I've only been in Halifax for about 2 and a half hours but already I feel so much stress off my shoulders. I always have excuses for not blogging but really I've just been so busy- here, in Halifax I will have lots of time!

Incase you didn't know I sprained the ol ankle reallllly bad (3rd grade bad) so I have been quite the gimp! Never carry chairs down stairs after a night of drinking! Bad idea!! I have a pic of it that I will post once I figure out how to get it off my blackberry! I am so greatful for everyones help although there have been some times where I just wouldn't take the help. People were waiting for me at every stop in the airport with a wheel chair, but here I am with my huge, oversized suit case (because I'm moving) and my chihuahua.... the last thing I wanted was to seem anymore princess like, so I dodged them all saying "oh it's not me you're looking for!!" and continued on my way... in a slow, awkward, gimpy way yes, but I still did it on my own!

My wonderful Mama picked me up at the airport and we arrived home to my poppie (dad, daddy, dada)- he gets the liberity of being called all names- having a BBQ and red red wine with a few golf buddies. It was soooo yummy and I was so happy to be home I wanted to cry. (not really). But I am super happy to be home and so is Kingston, he's even running arround outside right now with no leash! Only in Halifax.
It's only 10pm but I think I'm going to finish my red vino, fill up the old fashion bathtub and hit the sack with lots of pillows and ice pack for my foot for I must be well rested, tomorrow night I am hitting up the Backstreet boys concert. Yes you heard that right and it you're female n' in your 20's you cannot deny that you still love them!!
Anywhooo I'm sure my next post will be about the concert (and making out with Nick Carter.... yeah maybe if he was as cute as he was back then...)
Night cuppys- ur cute

soooo full!!

Friday, August 6

Date's set....

I just spent 10 hours packing all my things and deciding what to keep and what to get rid o,f what will be free and what I will sell.... I am getting rid of sooooo many clothes but it wasn't as hard to part with them as I thought, I really don't ware them anymore and lets be honest they're just sitting in my closet getting more and more out of style, but style always comes back! No. I cannot think that way! No being a pack rat! I can get a new one when it comes back! My vintage ceder trunk is going to be reallllly tuff to sell, I love it! I always keep it at the end of my bed, sometimes with linens in it an sometimes my art supplies (which is another thing I have a ton of and have to get rid of) so sad but also exciting, here I am yet again starting on a new adventure and I couldn't be more happy (well lets face it we can always be a little more happy).
I'm finished at work now, realized I really needed these last two weeks to say good byes and get organized, moving is always stressful so I'm making sure I make time for lots of fun. I'm also starting some digestive cleanse... not sure what to expect but I'll keep posted.
Went to the island yet again this past weekend, amazing time yet again, but did something realllllly stupid.... forgot the rough copy of my business plan there, I have done many dumb things but this was by far the worst! Trying not to get stressed about it, it's all in my head it's really just about getting it all down again.
So here's my "give away" pile doesn't look like much in the pic, but it is! My beloved trunk is in the background with frames and mirrors n' tings I have furniture to sell- some good stuff too so contact me if you're in the Toronto area and need anything!
kk time before bed,
night cuppys