Friday, July 30

Island Party!

Took off to Toronto island this week for Matt's (a Vivoli staff member where my roommates work) birthday party. He awesomely lives on his sail boat there. I went with Blaire and some friends of ours and my what a kick ass time we had, such a good time in fact we don't remember the ferry ride home. I will for sure miss Toronto Island when I leave it's a pretty amazing spot.

Sunday, July 25

Can't move my neck but I oh so happY!!!

I have been working on my secret little project for the last 9 hours! My neck is stuck tilted ever so slightly downward and my hand has a callus from my pen. But I have this excited feeling! The feeling in knowing the universe is on my side and some how all the stars are aligned correctly and things are going and gonna go my way! I had the cutest but most lazy helperrr or company too!- It is now time for a shower and have some drinks- tata

Here it is...

I'm just going to come right out and say it...... at the end of the month of Aug. I will be returning to Halifax, yep that's right, I'm moving back. Now that in it's self is not all THAT exciting, There is reason why.... some people know already, some do not all I will say is that it has to do with taking a huge leap in my career. No worries I am not with child!! I know that's what you were allll thinking!! There is no exact date yet but sometime in the last week of Aug. Kingston and I will be going going back back to Hali Hali!!

Today is the first chilly morning I have felt in Toronto in months! Chilly being 21 but its windy so it allllmost feels like fall out there it's a nice relief from the gross humidity that has been lurking. So I'm going to walk up to Starbucks and get my most fave drink ever a soy green tea latte and enjoy this not so humid morning! Here is one of my favorite Sunday morning sites to check out "Texts From Last Night" for those of you who have yet to discover it.

Friday, July 23

Hello Cuppycakes, I'm back....

SO lets just say I took a little vaycay from the blogging world for a few months but I'm back, this time with a bran new camera and some very life changing, crazyness, risky business, big news!!.........Which I cannot tell until tomorrow, I have reason for the zippered lips but it will all be understood tomorrow. Promise. I am so excited so share my news so I'm just going to post some pics of my summer thus far so I don't go spilling the beans.