Monday, April 12

Head in a Rain Cloud

So I haven't done a post in a billion years but I've been busy kinda and kinda lazy (only with blogging) it has been so warm and sunny that you will never catch me on the computer anymore! Although... I got my income taxes done today and I get some muuula in the mail in 2 weeks! And it is a noice chunk of cash so I can finally put some towards getting a camera (something that I have clearly been lacking in life).
Other then that there really isn't much goin ooon. Stared full time at my job, Myra, Matt and the boo came for a visit.... just really been a granola kid and have been spending lots of time in the parks.
I've also been doing a hellllll of a lot of thinking and can't really talk about what yet- but when I have it all figured out I'll make sure to update. Hopefully that's soon... I need to get my head out of the rain cloud!