Thursday, September 9

cupa cuppycakes!

Cuppy made cupcakes today! Vanilla sugar plum cuppycakes that is! secret? After making the vanilla icing beat in 1/4 of a pouch of grape jello, ice and let sit in the fridge for 1hr!

I brought over a batch to Myra, Matt and even made baby cuppys for baby Haidyn. I got a little creative with the tooth picks that stopped the icing from sticking to the saran wrap.

Tuesday, September 7

10 things I love fall!!!

1. Pumpkin spice latte  2. Pumpkin pie  3. Fall cooking  4. Pumpkins  5. Boots  6. Thanksgiving  7. Halloween  8. Candy apples  9. Fall leaves  10.Fall Fashion

Monday, September 6

Still kickin it on the beach...

I must have broken some kind of record in 2 weeks of being back in Halifax I've been to the beach 11 times! Here are some pics from the last visit!

Alsooooo I am soooo excited for my most fave drink of all times (and no I don't mean vodka!)
 Ever forget about something and then forget if it even exists? Well I re-discovered Narwhals! And I think they're sooo cute!
 The last thing I would like to share are these cute photos (on the beach) I think Scarlett is one of the sexiest!