Monday, December 7

2o Things I'm lovin at the Moment.........

are some people & things that I just loooove the shit out of!
(in no order of course)

1. Cuppycakes of course

2. These kick ass shoes!


4. Parents to BEEE and great friends

5. Christmas decor

6. Toronto island sail boats

7. This awesome suitcase bathroom case

8. Myra! a bestie

9. Wow I wish I had this killer necklace- moustache comb!

10. My baby CHI, Kingston <3

11. This adorable head band

12. My favorite little girl in the world! Haidyn

13. Coziest bedroom nook :)

14. Wine and cheese...well dah!

15. My amazing nephews Mica and Cazi

16. My baby bro

17. I heart lofts- but mostly this one

18. Out- of- control- girls nights out!

(yes that's my ass covered in boozy)

19. My beautiful roomies!

20. My bestfriends cottage

A snowy day :)

Today is Toronto's first snow! I love it, Kingston isn't a big fan, I think it's too cold on his tiny paws...I need to get him some doggie booties, but I really don't think they make the small enough! The little critter is only 2.5 pounds!!

Anyway, while being cozy inside I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies! I spose sugar cookies would have been more festive but I had a craving for chocolate!! The sugar ones will have to come on a later date!

I came across this photo online and I just adore it, I think it is just the cutest thing! It reminds me of my friends who live downstairs, who thank god for them are babysitting our food right now! Our landlord still hasn't come or called and our fridge is almost as warm as an oven.

Here's the pic, and another to show you as to why I'm reminded of Michelle and Gian....

Sunday, December 6

Christmas Crafts! I think so!!!

I had to much fun tonight making these cute paper 3D snowflakes! I loved them so much I even made one for my friends who live downstairs The guys put up our Christmas lights tonight and it really got me in the spirit! I feel like drinking so egg nog- but can not because my fridge is broken! :( Hopefully my landlord can fix it tomorrow and we can stop eating this dry packaged food!

I took some pics with my cell phone of my 3D snowflakes and a few of my little helper!! Check under the photos for the link to learn how to make your 3D snowflakes! Enjoy!

3D Snowflakes!

Tuesday, December 1