Wednesday, February 24

Monday, February 22


You can take this in 2 ways.... "wow this is some stupid hippie shit" or "wow I'm going to open my mind to this new information". I of course opened my mind to it and find it incredibly interesting. You will get really into it so I advise you set aside 6 hours and watch all 3 parts. Anything someone can tell me about the human mind and really yanks my crank lol. Let me know what you think!!!




Some photo's that warmed my heart

Tuesday, February 9

Work hard and be nice to people

I'm soooo overwhelmed with excitement right now! Things have been happening all week that have given me inspiration, ideas and answers! I'm just around the corner from having all my Indie craft business ideas together! I'm jumping around my room trying to decide where to start first!
I have recently discovered that I was put on this earth to fulfill a certain artistic influential roll so I figure why not profit from what makes me happy?
I consider there to be 6 important aspects of my, family, friends, health, your working life and your home, all in which I know exactly what I want. You need to take lots of time and thought about what you truly want and at the moment I'm working on my "working life" it has been an emotional struggle since I moved back to Toronto in May of 09. I now have my answers and I am the most estatic lady in the world. :)

Life of a Cake-face

Thursday, February 4

Blue Banana

Hello Cupcakes!
I spent the day today (literally- 5 hours) doing some shopping in Kensington Market with my friend Mickiah. I love Kensington and would go there all the time in the summer but never went in or even realized The Blue Banana and I must say I am in love with it! It's a huge trinket shop and they even have a little cafe where they sell VEGAN CUPCAKES!! <3 You know all those really cool books and trinkets at Urban Outfitters? Well imagine a 2 floor wearhouse filled with all those really cool trinkets!? I was in trinket heaven!! They had a section devoted to cuppycakes! I'm terrified for the day I have a lot of money when I go there!!!


Regret is a terrible feeling.....

and it makes me sad....

Tuesday, February 2


Lately more then ever I find my brain acting like a sponge, I kind of feel like a baby at the age where they start to talk, not because I can't talk but because I find myself learning so much just by observing others. I'm not really too sure what I'm trying to get across in this post only that I really feel change in my mind set and opinions. I find myself sitting back and studying peoples personalities and am really noticing who I surround myself  with has a huge impact on how I learn about myself. I say this with joy for I'm super psyched about all I've learned and come to realize. I've always known that the more dramatic you are the more drama that will come into your life, this is why I've managed to stay away from it as much as possible.
Lately, by observing others being dramatic I've noticed the insane amount of drama they keep attracting into their life. I guess what I'm trying to say is I really, truly believe that the more energy put into something the better the results... good or bad.... just a thought...

Some random pics- The first I took years back of my good friend Charlie tagging my name on the back of a shed door, I hadn't seen in in ages and it brought a smile to my face. And of course a little cuppycake love...

Monday, February 1

Yellow and Grey

Yellow and grey are both my favorite colors and I can't help but notice all the lovely grey and yellow fashion out lately! Everything I have bought in the last few months has been grey and yellow and can't wait to add some to my summer wardrobe! I find the colors very flattering for all skin tones and all hair colors which is hard to say for pink as an example.
I may paint my room in the next few weeks.... hummm